Our Discovery platform is what makes Citation Explorer so effective. We find that there are two waiting periods that you go through when building local citations. First, you have to wait until the listing is published online on the website you submitted it to. This can be immediate, or take as long as several weeks to several months. Once the listing is finally published, you have to wait until Google indexes that new listing and gives you credit for it. Indexation can also take several weeks Рif it happens at all. Remember, the websites that your new listings are being published on may have a million or more pages and listings. Not all of those will be indexed, so we have to be able to influence indexation whenever we can.

Our Citation Discovery platform helps with two facets of indexation. 1) We continually check citation websites to see if your listings are published. 2) When they are, we grab the live link to those listings and publish them in your specific discovery portal to help Google discover those links faster. This process is ongoing to maximize the quality and number of citations you have pointing to your website. Having an external link that points to your citations will help get them crawled faster, and help improve the chances of indexation. Pages with links pointing to them are much more likely to be indexed than “orphan” listing¬†with no links pointing to them.