About Citation Explorer

Born From An Industry Need

Citation Explorer is the brainchild of SEOteric, a digital media marketing agency that specializes in SEO services. One of the biggest needs in local SEO is to have trustworthy links and local citations. Over the years we have created many different way of acquiring good citations, but getting results was taking too long. The issue that kept coming up was getting our new citations indexed by Google so we could get credit for those links and citations. Many of the local citations you get are on large websites with potentially millions of pages, so we wanted a tool that helped us scan for existing listings and citations, audit existing listings and place new listings, and get those new listings indexed faster. That’s exactly what Citation Explorer does.

Search. Submit. Discover.

We found the most effective way to get better local SEO results was to follow the mantra of search, submit, and discover. First, we find the existing listings and new opportunities. Then we submit our business details to the places that matter. This wasn’t just the top 40-50 resources like most places. We dug deep to uncover locally specific citations and industry specific citations. Once we create the listings, we create a portal for Google to discover┬áthese new links, crawl them, and index them faster. The result is close to 200 highly relevant local links and citations that build your trust and authority metrics.



Matt Brooks – Co-Founder, Marketing Director

Matt is our resident SEO Expert, and brings 10+ years of SEO experience. Matt has been featured on Moz.com, SERPS.com, and several prominent industry publications. He is our lead project manager and coordinates between our design, development, and marketing teams to deliver great results.


Clint Bullock – Co-Founder, Technology Director

Clint brings 15+ years of higher level technology experience, and is the chief architect and engineer for our hosting platform, security, performance, and software. A lot of what Clint brings shows up in our ability to scale and in our website performance, and in his unique ability to problem solve and create solutions.